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Rustic Architecture is a new digital publication which brings the mountain lifestyle into focus by mixing amazing architectural photography with homeowner stories and informative articles. Readers can interact directly with the magazine to dig deeper into special topics, watch related video, explore floor plans, and much more.


Now Available! Winter 2014



Exploring Timelines



Guest Quarters



The Role of Metal



Windermere Lake, BC



Adding Texture Back



Lean Manufacturing



Barn Gets New Life


Watch the video below as we take you through the magazine on an iPad.

What People Are Saying!

Fall Cover"I want MORE! Larger issues, MORE issues & MORE floor plans."

"Very excited to see future articles, FANTASTIC photos, INSPIRATIONAL information, makes me want to build. Thank-you!"

"LOVE your magazine xx"

"EXCELLENT format very focused...great photography"



"I LOVE this magazine. The BEST part of this magazine is that it is INTERACTIVE. ..."


Rustic Architecture is a new magazine designed to appeal to a wide range of individuals interested in all kinds of rustic architecture – from prospective home buyers to existing homeowners, remodelers, and anyone who just loves to read about these kind of beautiful homes. With 20 years of homes and stories, PFB Custom Homes Group was uniquely positioned to create a magazine which could showcase this rustic style of architecture. The magazine mixes beautiful photos of some of our most interesting homes with valuable information about topics such as - architecture, interior design, building trends, popular locations and sustainability.

Let's Get Interactive

Rustic Architecture is more than just digital pages, it is a true interactive experience for the reader. Subscribers are able to explore the floor plan of a home shown in a photograph, see multiple examples of layouts discussed in an article, watch video showing the creation of a featured story and so much more. We want Rustic Architecture to be unlike any digital home publication you have ever seen.

PFB Custom Homes Group is is a wholly owned subsidiary of PFB Corp. of Canada. PFB Custom Homes Group includes the industry-leading brands: PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes and Riverbend Timber Framing.


We are now accepting advertisers for Rustic Architecture. We encourage all of our advertisers to take advantage of the interactive possibilities for our digital publication. Readers will be more likely to notice and act on your advertisement if you include an interactive element. To the right we show an example of how interactivity is used within the magazine.

Email ads@rusticarchitecture.com for advertising opportunities.